That wink of death lol
Vid cr. on pic

That wink of death lol

Vid cr. on pic

Awwww, maknae love <3

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Daesung picspam
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Just like when he says ”I’m so pure and innocent” , we all know that’s a lie, especially if G-Dragon laughs about it.

131122 Seungri @ MAMA 2013

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I’m not Seung Ri bias but this has to be in my blog coz his stares ask for it! 

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[131122 MAMA in Hong Kong] // ©sesameli

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The saddest thing I have ever watched

gives me shivers 

This always makes me bawl my eyes out. This is so powerful, it’s mind shattering.

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BIGBANG on Roller Coasters (2009 2012)

Nothing has changed, I guess! :)

Reblog every time I see this coz Dae stand so contently next to Tabi on Tabi’s birthday, nothing more, nothing less!

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